Before you order a custom or premade book cover you must read and agree to following information.

All covers created by the designer at “Art 4 Artists” are subject to the rules or restrictions held by the designer.

If the designer used licensed stock images, the copyright for all licensed images used are held by the stock image website or the photographer and/or artist.

The designer may use generative AI (FireFly within Photoshop) for custom designs, but only with your permission.

You, the customer, is obliged and responsible to use the purchased design within the rules or restrictions held by the designer or rules and limits of the image licenses.

The designed book cover is licensed to the customer by “Art 4 Artists”, but the copyright always remains with the designer.

“Art 4 Artists” reserves the right to present the book cover in portfolios, marketing materials and on websites, taking into account the client’s wishes.

“Art 4 Artists” is the owner of all designs, concepts, licenses and materials that are not used in the final design.


>> use the purchased design for publishing your book, book related and/or for, in your order specified, purposes only.

>> use the purchased design on a website, blog and/or social networking websites for promotion in original or reduced size.


>> credit the designer in your book or where ever possible as following: Cover design by Art 4 Artists,


>> use the purchased design for prints on t-shirts, mugs, posters, binders, or any other product with the intention of selling or giving the product away for free without purchasing extended licenses.

>> use the design for more than 500,000 printed copies, if stock images are used in the design.

>> give the right to use the purchased design to another person. The license to use the design grants to the original purchaser only.

>> alter the design in any way except to change the size for digital display.

claim the design as your own, because the final cover design is licensed to you, you don’t own it!

>> cut out parts of the final design to create something new, including promotional material, Kindle Vella covers and Amazon A+ material, without the designers approval.

>> use the cover images to generate new images by using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

>> submit the cover design (concepts, work in progress or finished cover) to any competition or cover evaluation on social media websites without the designers approval.

>> use parts of the design to create 3d printable objects with the intention of selling or giving it away for free without the designers permission and proper merchandise license.