Effective from 10/11/2023

1. Is the book cover I buy unique?
Yes, my custom covers and most of my pre-mades are created with my own illustrations (3D and Photoshop).

2. Is the book cover exclusive?
All covers, pre-made and custom, are unique and will be sold just ones! Every book cover is exclusive and just for you.

2. What licenses do you offer?
All book cover designs and promotional material come with a standard license. That includes the right to use the delivered material for publishing the book as eBook, as print (if ordered) and showing it unlimited times on websites or social media platforms. If I don’t have to use stock images, I can offer an extended license with the right to use the image for all book related purposes including merchandise (mass products for sale). What license you want has to be mentioned at the beginning so the price can be adjusted accordingly.

3. Can I use one book cover for multiple books or a book series?
Only on request. I need this information together with your order. It may affect the package price. You are not allowed to make changes by yourself, because of copyright violation.

4. Can I have a file with layers for Photoshop so I can edit the image myself?
In general NO. Because of copyrights I don’t deliver PSD files with layers. But there can be exceptions. If I created the cover without third party stock images and you would like to purchase the PSD file with layers, we have to negotiate a price.

5. I changed my mind and I want a complete new book cover design. Is it possible?
In any package price are 2 initial concepts included. I can always make some changes to the current cover as long it doesn’t exceed the boundaries of our contract or the content of the cover package you bought. When you change your mind after you decided to take one of those concepts and I already finished the cover, we have to discuss a price for a complete new design.

6. What if I lose or delete my downloaded files by accident?
You are responsible for all your files, but in case of an accident, you can order a copy.

7. Can I bring my own images or self-made cover? Would you add just the text?
No problem, but you have to proof from where you got the image(s) or what you used to create the cover (AI?). Show me the source for the image(s). I need your written confirmation that the cover is your design. In case of AI generated images, make sure it is allowed to use the image(s) for commercial purposes.

8. What is in the pre-made cover price included?
The price includes minor changes, like text, but it doesn’t include major changes to the design or the additional work for a print cover.

9. I bought an eBook cover from you months ago. Now I need the cover for print.
If you purchased a pre-made cover through me, I can create the print cover for an additional fee. If you ordered an eBook custom design more than 3 months ago and you want now the print cover, a higher fee applies. See the prices in the price section. You are not allowed to create the print cover by yourselves without my permission!

10. I bought a cover from you, but I changed my mind about the title. Can you help me?
After your final approval and cover delivery an additional fee applies for minor changes to the text and preparing new images for download.

11. I want to purchase one of your pre-made covers, but I need some changes.
No problem! Minor changes and changes to the text and font are possible and in the price included. For major changes we have to discuss the price.

12. If you use stock images, do I have to pay for the image licenses in addition to your cover design?
One or two images are in the package included, if you need it. If you want to sell or give away t-shirts or other merchandise with your cover, an extended license for each image used in the design, must be purchased by you. Extended licenses for stock images are NOT included in my cover prices!

13. Are the images you use for custom designs licensed?
I usually use 3D and Photoshop to design my book covers. If I use stock images, I am using standard licenses from Depositphotos or images in the Public Domain. Those allow the use of a stock image for up to 500,000 times for printed versions. Note: License rules can change any time. For other things you may have to pay an extended license for each stock image used. Note: Licenses for stock images from websites other than Depositphotos are not included in the price. I also may use generative AI for custom designs, but only with your permission!

14. How can I pay?
International payments have to be made through PayPal. Within Australia you may pay into my bank account directly. You will receive the information and details together with the invoice.

15. Do I have to sign a contract?
Only for big projects and orders from publishers over USD2000. Emails are legal as contracts. So it is very important that all information I get about an order comes through email, not Facebook or other social media websites.

16. Do you need my personal information for the order?
Yes! I need limited personal information, like your home address for the invoice. I don’t send invoices through PayPal. Any personal information you send through email are save with me and confidential. For more privacy information, please go to “Privacy Policy” on top of the page.

17. Do I have to pay in advance?
For custom covers you have to pay 50% of the total price before I start to work. The balance is due before the delivery. For promotional material, pre-made covers and print covers made from pre-made covers you have to pay 100% in advance before I start working. IMPORTANT: If an order has been cancelled, a cancellation of 30% of the total has to be paid!

18. I decided to cancel the order. Do I get my deposit back?
That depends on how much work I already have done. But there is a cancellation fee of 30% of the total.

19. I ordered a custom cover, inclusive eBook and print, and paid a 50% deposit. When do I have to pay the balance?
When you ordered an eBook and print cover, but you don’t know the final page count for your print version yet, I can finish the print cover later. IMPORTANT: If everything else is finished for delivery (except the print cover spine adjustments) and you already want those finished files, you have to pay the balance.

20. I ordered a custom cover, I made the deposit, the cover is finished and ready for download, but I can’t pay the balance. How can I get my order?
I understand that sometimes in life circumstances change, but you also have to understand, that I want to get paid for my work. First, I need to know why you can’t pay. No lies please! In hard cases you may have up to 3 weeks time to pay the balance. To avoid any trouble, please, check in advance, if you are able to pay for the cover design before you order! Note: You don’t receive any cover image or image for promotion, until the final payment is made.

21. When I bought a cover, is it my property and can I do what I want with it?
No, you can’t! You may use the delivered cover for the purpose of publishing your book. You received images for promotion with the delivery. If you want to use the images for other purposes, you have to tell me at the beginning what you plan to do. The copyright is ALWAYS! “Yvonne Less © Art 4 Artists”. You are not allowed to claim the design as your own! You may NOT change the design yourself or cut out some elements to create your own promotional material or something else without my permission. You could violate copyrights!

22. After publishing my book, the printed cover doesn’t look like the original image and/or eBook. What can I do?
To create a print cover I have to follow rules in regards of dimensions and colors. Nobody is perfect, but I make sure that all images comply with the requirements. Please keep in mind, printed book covers will most likely look different to the eBook version, because of the conversion from RGB to CYMK. After the delivery I don’t take any liability for errors or misprints in regards of colors or general quality. If the print doesn’t look like the way you expected I can make some adjustments. This can happen, when the book cover you bought was created for eBook use with special effects. There are certain colors which are difficult to print, especially glowing effects. Perhaps a glossy paper for your cover may improve colors/contrast. If, in general, the print quality lacks, you also should complain about it to the publisher/print office.

23. I ordered a custom cover. What happens in case you may not be able to finish my book cover/order?
That depends on what status your order actually is. Not yet started, in process, started, half finished or finished. — First, I always try to finish an order in a timely manner. In case of a serious illness or even death, and I am not able to finish your cover order at all, a person of my choice will send you any half finished or finished material and you are allowed to find a designer who can finish the work for you. The same applies for pre-made covers.

24. What happens with my order or unfinished pre-made cover, if you decide not to work as cover designer any longer?
First, if I decide (for what reason ever) not to work as cover designer any longer, I will give this note at least 3 months before my final work day. I’ll make sure that I finished any custom order. I perhaps only accept new orders, where all dates are clear in the time frame. All those not finished pre-made covers, which can’t be finished in the time frame, will be send out as a large JPG file without any text. You are then allowed to add the text by yourself or another designer.

25. If I have another question?
You may contact me any time. Please use the contact button in the menu bar. I usually answer within 24h.
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