November 2021

I guess many of you are thinking about what would be the best way to advertise a book the next time when it comes out without spending a fortune. Or what to give away or sell at a book fair besides the signed book. In a couple of weeks is Christmas and you want to surprise your loved ones.
Print on demand is the magic word. Surely you know some POD service providers who print business cards, or postcards, but most of them also print gifts, such as pillows, T-shirts, computer cases, pictures, calendars and much more.
To sell, and in some cases also to give away, promotional materials, you need the right license. Specifically, an extended license, if you have used stock images for the book cover. That can be expensive, because designers often use lots of images just for one cover.
To use illustrations of the book cover you want to advertise, you need permission from the illustrator and in most cases you have to buy a license.
I offer all authors the service to provide elements and also whole images without text. So it would be possible to print t-shirts and much more. You can find some of my prices in the price list, we can negotiate prices about other things too, because it depends on what you want to design and print. Since I work with 3D and Photoshop the possibilities are almost endless. If you are interested or have any questions send me an email or message.

October 2021

Do you plan to publish your book series as a box set? What would you say if you could get a special design, like the examples? Those box designs would make a great promotional image on Amazon. It would also look eye catching on your own website or on social media, like Facebook.
Because most of my book covers are created with my own 3D renders, it is possible to make such special images. Let your MC out of the Box!
My usual Box set designs starts at $50 based on 2 books. Those special boxes starts at $90 based on 2 books. Contact me, if you are interested to get such a promotional image for your already published set or for future projects.

September 2021

From September I am going to start a “Recommendation Program”. Means, if you recommend me and my service to other author colleagues and it comes to a cover order (premade or custom), you can get 5% off your next order or premade purchase. The more recommendations and new orders the more % off for you.
My preferred genres are Fantasy, SciFi and LitRPG/GameLit. That includes a lot of sub-genres, like Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, or Space Opera and Alien Romance. The best way to have a look at my portfolios and premades. Those portfolios give you a good overview.
I don’t take orders for historical authentically genres, cozy or contemporary genres. And some other genres where usually stock images been used. Keep that in mind if you recommend me to one or more of your author colleagues.
If you decide to take the chance to save some money, spread the word about my service and if an author comes to me with your recommendation, I’ll make a note and send you an email. Its your choice and there is no pressure, but think about it. It could be handy in case of a tight budget or rising prices. I can be contacted via eMail:

August 2021

Kindle Vella is the NEW service and story telling option by Amazon/KDP. Authors can publish serialised stories, one short episode at the time. Unfortunately, at this stage this service is only available to US based authors. You can find more information here:
KDP Help – Vella
And if you want to read Vella stories, visit this page:
Vella Library
Like other eBooks, you also need covers for your stories. Of course, because you don’t need text on the cover you could use any licensed stock image or do a design yourself, but to stand out you should think about a professional designed and unique design. Even if the image is small, it is important to show the reader what kind of book and genre they expect.
From August I offer custom Vella covers for $50, if the design is made out of a bought premade cover or $100, if it is a complete new design. I don’t do premade Vella covers. Contact me, if you are interested.


Book Advertising Guidelines and Acceptance Policies
Not only the cover designer, also the author should know what Amazon does or doesn’t accept for AMS Ads. AMS guidelines change all the time. Sometimes things are allowed, sometimes not. Here are the official rules:  ADVERTISING RULES AND GUIDELINES

July 2021

Part of my custom service is a 3D mockup image for each custom book cover. From July I also offer a professionally created GIF with the background matching the book, the book itself and additional text that you can specify. This could be for a specific event, like Christmas, a sale or the day of the release. As I said 1 GIF is free on request with each custom order. If you need more, I charge USD10 per GIF. You can show it on Facebook and everywhere else where GIF’s are supported. Click on the images to see the examples in action. We can talk about it when you order your next custom cover, or contact me, if you need those Gifs for already designed covers.