You wrote a fantastic book, but it doesn't get much attention? You have done everything to advertise and promote your book, but you get only a few sales? Perhaps it is your book cover that needs more attention! Are you an Indie author? Did you do the cover by yourself to save money? Or did you buy a cheap cover from someone who doesn't have as much experiences and knowledge about design as I do?

The look of your book cover is the first impression the potential reader gets and if this cover doesn't evoke a positive emotional reaction right away, it is most likely that your book will remain on the shelf for a long time or even forever. Nobody will even read the blurb to find out what the book is all about. What a pity!

If you want your hard work wrapped in a great and unique cover to help you sell your book like hot cakes, then contacting me is your solution. There are more Information available through the menu and Testimonials to get an idea how authors think about my work.

My Premade Cover Shop

Different genres, great quality and each cover will be sold only once!



Everything SciFi like Alien Invasion, Space Opera, Dystopian, Military, Scientific and more



Everything Historical like War, Mafia, Regency, Victorian Era, Rome, Vikings, Egypt and more



Everything Fantasy like High and Epic Fantasy, Vampire, Medieval, UF, Paranormal and more



Everything like Cozy Mystery, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, YA, Adventure, Chick Lit and more

Price List for Custom Cover

Effective from April 2018 - Prices in USD

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