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How to order?

To order a custom cover package, pre-made or add-on, please, send me following
relevant information per contact form, or per email:

  • What is the name of the package, number of the pre-made or name of the add-on you want to order?
  • I need the written confirmation that you read, understood and agree with my copyright information and privacy statement.
  • If you want to publish through KDP, I need the final page count, size of the book and kind of paper.
  • If you want to publish through other publishing houses, I need more information and a template or URL where I can download one.
  • How fast do you need your cover?
  • As one of my rules, I add your finished cover to my portfolio. May I show it on Facebook already, or is it confidential until you publish?
  • I need information about the genre and who your target readers are, if you order a custom cover and/or pre-made.
  • Is your book cover part of a series, or perhaps in the future?
  • Does this cover you order replace an existing book cover?
  • If you order a custom cover, what kind of book covers do you like? Perhaps you have some examples you can show me.
  • Please send me the author name, title, subtitle and blurb for a print cover.
  • If you order a custom cover, please, send me a brief summary about the content of your book and any idea for the cover design, if you already have one.
  • If you want people on your cover, I need information about their look (clothes, hair, skin, expressions).
  • If you want a scenery, like landscape, city or building, I need information about what, where, when and what season.
  • Where and for what you want to use the final image(s), other than officially ordered?
  • Please, send me your home address for the invoice, if you are a new client, or your home address changed since your last order.

You may also download a form with the same questions and send it back per email :
a4a-shop [at]


With sending me the answers to my questions on custom designs or pre-mades, you declare your approval of my terms and conditions, privacy statement and copyright.

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