If you are an author or designer, I guess you know the problem to find the right images for a book cover. Yes, there are stock images available, like from Shutterstock or Fotolia. The problem is, everyone can purchase the same image and the chance to find a special image on different covers is very high. So, what can you do? You can book a photo shooting with your favoured model, but this could be expensive. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a good looking one, you could shoot your own images, if you know how to handle a camera. But, there is a third possibility. ... You can contact me! Why? ...

I offer all authors and/or designers an option to get a cover image created just for you. And you will be the only one who gets it. 
You can send me your wishes about the model, how she or he should look like. Clothes, Poses, if you want a single person or a couple. You can get those images in HD and up to a size of about 4500x6000 @300dpi. I deliver the image(s) as JPG file, but you can also order a PNG file with transparent background. Any image cost US$ 50 as a one-time payment and you can use the image as you like and for what you want. Contact me for more information and we will see what I can do for you.