Copyright Information

Before you order a cover you must read and agree to the information listed below.

You will be ask if you have read those information when you order.

Besides my own illustrations, I also use stock images. All images used were purchased and licensed on a stock image website. The copyright for all pictures used is held by the Stock-Image-Website or the photographer and/or artist. The price for standard licenses are included in the total price. (See Package Prices and Contents) Please note that you are not buying the images, but the entire cover design created with these images. However, you, the customer, is obliged and responsible to use the purchased design within the limits of the image licenses. All covers created with illustrations by "Art 4 Artists" are not subject to any restrictions regarding the number of prints or use on websites. The designed book cover is licensed to the customer by me, but the copyright always remains with the designer. I, Yvonne Less, the designer of Art4Artists, reserve the right to present the book cover in portfolios, marketing materials and on websites, taking into account the client's wishes. I am the owner of all designs, concepts and materials that are not used in the final design.


- Use the purchased design only for publishing your book related and/or in your order specified purposes

- Use the purchased design on a website, blog and social networking websites for promotion in original or reduced size


- Use the purchased design for prints on t-shirts, mugs, posters, binders, or any other product with the intention of selling the product. If you wish to use as such you will need to purchase an extendet license for EACH image used in the design and/or negotiate a special price with the designer of the illustration

- Use the design for more than 500,000 copies which displays the purchased design (in any form) without the purchase of an extended license for EACH stock image used.

- Give the right to use the purchased design to another person. The license to use the design grants to the original purchaser only.

- Alter the design in any way except to change or cut the size for digital display

- Submit the cover design to any competition or cover evaluation without my approval!

FAQs - Questions & Answers

Is the cover I buy unique?
Yes! For many of my covers I use my own created images. When I use licensed stock images I will make sure the cover is unique by using at least 2 images, different elements and/or artistic techniques.
Is the cover exclusive?
All covers, pre-made or custom, are unique and will be sold just ones! So every cover is exclusive and just for you.
Can I use one cover for multiple books or a book series?
Only on request. I need this information together with your order. It may affect the package price. Because of copyright violations you are not allowed to make changes by yourself.
Can I have a file with layers for Photoshop so I can edit the image myself?
In general I don't deliver PSD files with layers, because of copyrights. If I created the cover with my own material and you would like to purchase the PSD file with layers, we have to negotiate a price.
I changed my mind and I want a complete new book cover design. Is it possible?
In any package price are 2 initial concepts included. I can always make some changes to the current cover as long it doesn't exceed the boundaries of our contract. When you change your mind after you decided to take one of those concepts and I already finished the cover, we have to discuss a price for a complete new design. If I have to purchase more stock images additional fees will apply.
What if I lose or delete my downloaded files by accident?
You are responsible for all your files, but in case of an accident you can order a copy.
What if I bring my own images?
No problem, but you have to proof that you purchased a license. I DON'T accept public domain images.
What is in the premade cover price included?
The price includes the changes to the text but it doesn’t include the additional work for e.g. book cover for print.
I bought an ebook cover from you a while ago. Now I need the cover for print.
If you purchased the cover through me, I can create the print cover for an additional fee. You are not allowed to create the print cover by your own without permission!
I bought a cover from you, but I changed my mind about the title. Can you help me?
After your final approval and cover deliverey an additional fee applys for minor changes to the text and preparing new images for download.
Do I have to pay for the image licenses in addition to your cover design?
Up to 5 standard licenses are included in most package prices. If you want to sell t-shirts or other merchandise with your cover, an extended license for each image used in the design, must be purchased by you. Extended licenses are NOT included in my cover prices!
How can I pay?
International payments can be made through PayPal. Within Australia you may pay into my bank account directly. You will receive the information together with the invoice. 
Do I have to sign a contract?
Only for big projects and orders from publishers. Emails are legal as contracts. So it is very important that all information I get about an order comes through email, not Facebook or other social media websites. 
I want to purchase one of your premade covers, but I need some changes.
No problem! Minor changes and changes to the text and font are possible and in the price included. For major changes we have to discuss the price.
When I bought a cover, is it my property and can I do what I want with it?
You may use the delivered cover for the purpose of publishing your book. If you want to use the image for promotion, you have to tell me at the beginning what you plan to do. The copyright is ALWAYS! "Yvonne Less © Art 4 Artists". You are not allowed to claim the design as your own! You may NOT change the design yourself or take out some elements to create your own promotional material without my permission.
Are the images you use licensed?
Of course. I am using standard licences from Depositphotos. Those allow the use of any stock image for up to 500,000 times including ebook, print version, internet presence, gifts and more. After that you have to pay an extended license for each stock image used. 
Note: Licences from other stock image websites, than Depositphotos, are not included in the price.
After publishing my book as print version, the cover doesn't look like the original image. What can I do?
To create a print cover I have to follow rules in regards of dimensions and colours. Nobody is perfect, but I make sure that all images comply with the requirements. After the delivery I don't take any liability for errors or misprints in regards of colours or general quality. If the print doesn't look like the way you expected I can make some adjustments and/or you have to complain about it to the publisher/print office.
Do I have to pay in advance?
For custom covers, print covers made from a premade and promotional material, you have to pay a nonrefundable 50% of the total price before I start to work. The balance is due before the delivery. For premade covers you have to pay 100% in advance before I make minor changes to the text or other elements.
If I have another question?
You may contact me any time. Please use the contact button in the menu bar. You can also find me on Facebook:

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